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Network Map is a Cable Management application that is capable of: 1. Drawing cable routes on map by GPS tracking or by simply touching over the map 2. Manage a group of cables 3. Add junctions containing various network devices 4. Manage connections between the network devices in a junction. 5. Manage incidents such as cable breakage, device damage etc and monitor these incidents on a dashboard. 6. Manage the users with a three level access permissions such as Administrator, User and Viewer. 7. Measure distance along cables (Optical fiber) to locate a breakage point. Network Junctions may contain devices like EDFA, Coupler, Splitters, Transmitter, MUX Connector, Node etc. Fiber cables can be created according to requirements (4 pair, 12 pair etc) and color of individual fibers within a cable can be customized. Advantages * Gives a bird's eye view of your network realm and if required, you can drill down to its amazing details of cables, cables connecting junctions, incidents over a cable etc. * Efficiently search for cables and devices * Easily track down the maintenance history of Network Junctions which assists the mechanic * Concept of clustering cables helps in easy maintenance This product can be used by Cable TV operators, Internet Providers, or any other organizations using fiber optics or normal cable for communication. You can register as a Demo user (View only) for free. Paid Trial can be purchased for experiencing all three user modes and full features of this application. This can be later upgraded if necessary.
  • July 7, 2014Foundation of PINE IT CONSULTANTS.
  • December, 2014Signed software support agreement with KSFE, a legend in chit business, owned by Govt. of Kerala
  • Apr, 2015Software partner for Accel Frontline Ltd, a fortune 500 company
  • Jan, 2016Entry to mobile apps world with a quick reference Malayalam Calendar
  • June, 2016Launch of the Network Map application